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May 2012: Five Essentials of Effective M-Learning

“India has the world's second-largest mobile phone users with over 903 million as of January 2012.[1] It has the world's third-largest Internet users with over 121 million as of December 2011” cited from wikipedia.

What if we can leverage the mobile phone penetration for facilitating different types of learning experiences? Mobile and handheld devices have tremendous potential for improving literacy, supplementing higher education and vocational training and supporting corporate training. M-learning is all about the ability to access learning content communicate and interact while on the move. It makes use of ubiquitous handheld devices, mobile phones and wireless networks to support, enhance and extend learning. Click here to view the presentation.

April 2012: Five Essentials of Effective Instructional Design

Instructional Design (ID) or Instructional Systems Design (ISD) is the systematic process of designing, developing, implementing and evaluating instruction. It begins with the perception of a learning need; it proceeds to the creation of a learning experience and a learning environment. It ends with an evaluation of the learning solution. Instructional Design involves consideration of factors such as the profile of the learners, the purpose of learning, the context of learning, the content that is being taught, the medium and the place where the learning will be accessed. (extracted from my book: Chapter 5 -Page 104) In this month's presentation we will discuss the five essential attributes of effective instructional design. Click here to view the video.

March 2012:  Five Essentials of Effective Video Based Learning

The ease of creating a video has transformed the process of e-learning content development. Delivery platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook have made video sharing a social experience. It is good to see them hosting hundreds of movies that are intended to aid learning. Of course, all these videos may not meet the professional standards but it may be useful to learners who are looking for specific content. Often, in this category we find useful videos on  'how to do something' explaining the process and demonstrating the way things work. Talks and presentations made by experts and eminent people are normally available as recorded webinars that can be viewed or downloaded. It is inspiring to see how the Khan Academy is using the power of videos to radically change the way we learn! Click here to view the presentation.