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The book: Effective E-learning

The disruption created by rapidly evolving technologies in the field of learning, training and performance improvement is simply mind-boggling. Organizations and individuals are exploring different ways and means of keeping pace with the changes brought in by the Internet, the Social Media and the mobile technologies. Today, e-learning and any other form of technology enabled learning is an integrated way of learning in many institutions of higher learning and corporate training function. 

Effective E-learning is captures the big picture of content design, development and delivery by offering theoretical and practical insights. It provides a holistic framework that takes into consideration disciplines like Instructional Design, Visual Communication Design and E-Learning Technologies. Instructional 
Designers, Visual Designers, trainers, teachers and university students can use it as a self-learning resource or reference material for getting introduced to concepts and their application in the process of e-learning planning and execution. It will provide necessary inputs for decision makers when they embark on e-learning or technology based initiatives in their organizations. The analytical tools such as questionnaires can be readily used to assess their preparedness to invest in these initiatives and estimate the ROI as well.

Why this book
Passion, interest and a profound desire to contribute to the larger domain of education and training - these were my motivators in conceptualizing the book in hard copy format. While working on the drafts, many people asked me why a printed book and why not an e-book. I strongly believed that a book of this nature, that is intended to help those who like to get initiated into technology in learning, should be a handy tool that they can use anytime, anywhere even without the computer. Also, in India, not all would be comfortable in reading an e-book. For universities that offer courses in related subjects, the book can serve as a text book or a reference book.

Earlier, on several occasions, I had the opportunity to deliver talks and share my views in the domain of e-learning design and development. At the same time, I was invited to contribute articles in newspapers and magazines for creating awareness about the basics of Instructional Design and e-Learning. I would often receive queries from several people asking me about how to go about implementing e-learning, or how to design the learning material. This is when I started on the project that was highly demanding as it needed dedicated effort and earnest perseverance to go through various stages of publishing a book. Finally, when I held the book in my hand it was a wonderful experience!