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Integrated Marketing

As more 'Ps' are getting added to the classic 'four Ps' of Marketing, the communications part of it faces new challenges. It's an exciting time explore and strategize when content and technology converge to offer new platforms for communications. Integrated Marketing take into account consistency of message and appropriate media mix to include traditional forms of communication, online medium and social media.

Integrated Marketing is all about creating the right impact by sharing positive stories that educate, create awareness and influence decision making. It's about promoting the right message through the right medium to the right people. Like any other field of communication, content rules in marketing as well! For me, the core of all marketing is about content and its alignment with sales strategy that can create curiosity, sustain engagement, persuade and incite action. It's about content that  is creative, credible and compelling, forming the core around which different media strategies are designed and implemented to obtain different outcomes.