Skill development

My ideas, practical insights and reflections on skill development and vocational training form the main focus of my website National Skills Network.

The success of the economy depends on how trained the workforce is; do they possess the right skills to perform their jobs. The same applies to prospective workforce. Are those who are formally educated (read certified professional, degree and diploma holders) readily employable? Have they acquired the necessary skills while pursuing their educational courses? In India this is mostly not the case. Education and employability are rarely considered as closely related to each other while planning and delivering professional courses. Apparently, one of the main reasons for unemployment or underemployment of educated youth is the lack of 'employability' demonstrated through different skills. How do we address this issue? For those who are already employed, many organizations embark on providing appropriate training in job-related skills.
And for those who are undergoing their graduation programs the educational institutions have taken initiatives to impart skill-based training as a part of their curriculum. 

Skill development 
Skill is the ability and expertise acquired through systematic training to carry out different activities and job functions. The workforce, depending on the role they play in an organization, need skills like time management, effective communication, leadership, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving. Often skills proficiency is measured with the help of skill-gap analysis to perform a task.
The NSDC has mapped skill gaps in 20 high-growth sectors and the unorganized sector till the year 2022.
Skill development is directly linked to acquisition of knowledge and employability. We realize that not all graduates are equipped to handle the workplace requirements after passing out from the universities. While employers take responsibility to train them in relevant skills, it is also desired that the university provides them training in basic skills. 

Technology and skill development
The economic environment is constantly changing making heavy demands on the workforce while meeting the needs of emerging and established industry. The workforce is mostly constituted by those employed in various industries. We need a broad range of skills to carry out our tasks efficiently with quality orientation and effective time management. Workforce effectiveness pends on how we apply the knowledge we acquire during our education and training phase in accomplishing the task at the workplace. Organizations can leverage the investments made in technology for their initiatives in skill development. The employees can access relevant learning modules in e-learning format and make use of the Internet to collaborate and communicate. Students can enroll in online courses offering training different skills.