Ethnographic research

As a research scholar I developed profound interest and curiosity in exploring qualitative research methods. In my M.Litt (M.Phil) study I used qualitative tools for my inquiry into the process of teaching of written composition at the college level. Later, in my doctoral studies, I chose ethnography as a 'research method' in English as a Second Language (ESL) curriculum studies. Since cultural plays an important role in understanding and inquiring into the process of curricular decision making, I found ethnographic 'tools' blending well with my quest to study the curricular phenomena in different colleges. Click here to view the abstract of my doctoral dissertation entitled, "ESL Curriculum at the tertiary level: An ethnographic critique".

Later, while I took up the role of an instructional designer, I found that ethnographic way of exploration became a part of my intellectual repertoire. I would bring the ethnographic dimension in conducting learner/user and content analysis. This was very helpful in conducting the analysis with an open mind and acquiring a deeper understanding of the learner's environment.