Areas of interest

My professional interests span across different domains such as corporate training, academic learning, skill development, e-learning technologies, social media and ethnographic research. 

Corporate training
This is where learning is closely linked with returns and monitored for improvement in productivity and performance. L&D function, training function is an important aspect of any organization. E-learning is adopted for its benefits and the ability to scale up training since it is cost effective and it can deliver quality content consistently. I'm interested in learning more about successful e-learning projects in different organizations.

Academic learning
Indian universities are making significant investments in technology enabled learning initiatives. I'm interested in inquiring into questions like: How do they decide on what content or courses can be delivered through e-learning. Most of them  have distance learning departments as well. Is technology being used effectively in meeting the demands of distance learners? Have the university departments done proper groundwork before embarking on e-learning / online learning programs?

Skill development
Vocational training and skill development can gain a lot from technology based learning. Especially, when we have a heavy demand for skilled workforce in different industries. In most disciplines, formal higher education has not factored in the need for skill development while prusuing the academic programs. I'd like to explore the ways in which e-learning can be used in the increasing the employability and improving the performance of existing workforce.

E-learning technologies
Keeping updated with new technologies. Technology space, things are changing rapidly, how does it impact learning. how does it affect the content design, development and delivery process? Reading up on the web, watching the demos of new products and catching up with news and views. 

Social media
The web has gone mobile and social! Today, websites and learning environments are collaborative and social. One cannot miss the impact of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in information and knowledge sharing. It's interesting to see how social media gets integrated into technology based learning initiatives and how it can benefit the learners and expert community.

Ethnographic research
I find ethnographic methods of inquiry culturally rich and holistic. The 'thick description' we get following ethnographic inquiry can be effectively used in pursuing research in different domains such as education, marketing, product development and others.