I'm a multidisciplinary professional with varied experience in digital marketing , integrated marketing communications, e-learning and classroom training. With a doctoral degree in communication and curriculum studies and a passion for digital technologies, I've acquired many skills during my professional journey of almost two decades. 
More of a strategist, I enjoy simplifying the complex by making the content interesting, engaging and compelling to influence business results positively. I never miss the big picture whether I'm working on a marketing strategy or a on a learning strategy. At the same time, with a keen eye for detail, I design blueprints and plans that can implement the strategy to drive the desired outcomes.

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I request you to share your feedback on my book  and the website. I would be glad to connect with fellow professionals who wish to contribute to the knowledge pool by sharing their insights and experience. Mail me at mdubey09@gmail.com.


Book release
My book, Effective E-Learning - Design, Development and Delivery, has generated encouraging interest and enthusiasm among the professional community. This website complements the book as a platform to update information and share our experience in the field of technology enabled education and training with the wider community.
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