Hi, welcome to my website! I'm a content design and development professional with varied experience such as teaching, training, curriculum design, instructional design, ethnographic research and marketing communications. My interest in observing, inquiring and reflecting has translated into articles, personal blogs on different topics and a book on e-learning and use of ICT in education and training.
I invite instructional designers, visual designers, teachers, trainers, learning and development professionals, subject experts, learners, management team members and other professionals interested in the domain of learning, performance and technology to share and collaboratively enrich knowledge through inquiry, interaction and critical reflection.
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Topic of the month
M-learning has the potential to deliver different types of learning experiences ranging from full-fledged courses to context specific learning bytes. In this presentation, I've discussed some essentials of how m-learning can be made effective and efficient. Please share your observations after viewing my presentation.

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Feedback and suggestions
I request you to share your feedback on my book  and the website. I would be glad to connect with fellow professionals who wish to contribute to the knowledge pool by sharing their insights and experience. Mail me at mdubey09@gmail.com.


Book release
My book, Effective E-Learning - Design, Development and Delivery, has generated encouraging interest and enthusiasm among the professional community. This website complements the book as a platform to update information and share our experience in the field of technology enabled education and training with the wider community.
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